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This instrument contains the basic rules for free usage of the Mel Shoes website by Internet users. These general conditions may be modified by Grendene S/A, unilaterally and without prior notice, through the substitution of this instrument by an updated version, which will be shared at this same location. The pages to follow contain information, data and materials about the melshoes.com.br website. Said information, data and materials are supplied with the sole purpose of informing, as a public service, aiming merely to provide an overview of the www.melshoes.com.br website.

ALL SERVICES ON THIS WEBSITE CONSIST MERELY OF THE EFFORT TO MAKE AN OPEN CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION AVAILABLE TO INTERNET USERS, NOT VERIFYING THE INFORMATION CIRCULATED THROUGH IT. EACH USER IS ENTIRELY AND SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CONDUCT ON THE WEBSITE. As an example of prohibited conduct, users are fully responsibility for not transmitting, spreading, adding or making information, data, content, messages, photos, films, sounds, software or any other material available to third parties that may in any way violate or abuse the rights of third parties, copyrights or intellectual property, as well as infringe on image rights or constitutional guarantees, or applicable legislation and regulations, induce or promote illegal activities, constitute defamatory conduct, violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, include viruses or other forms of code that may cause damage or impede the regular functioning of this Website or the systems of third parties, or that may cause damage of any kind, or even, that my violate the terms of use and other guidelines established on this Website.

These terms of use govern access and usage of the www.melshoes.com.br website. These terms of use establish conditions that are essential and necessary to usage of the Mel Shoes website. Usage of the website implies immediate acceptance of these terms of use. Your non-acceptance or infraction constitutes not only violation of these terms of use, but violation of the website's copyright as well. The valid version of these terms of use in effect is the one currently published on this website. Users should always read these terms of use carefully, and may not excuse themselves from them alleging they are unaware of the terms, even upon occasional modifications.

Users should use the Website, its content and systems in accordance with the aforementioned precepts. Not only that, but users should respect all incidental copyrights and other rights, including those of intellectual property, applicable to the contents of The Website, whose service consists essentially of making a channel of information available, and does not supervise any of these applicable rights, it being solely and exclusively the responsibility of the user to take all measures to duly comply with the respective rights and applicable obligations. Users may not employ technical mechanisms that in any way subvert the regular usage of the Website, without prior consultation of the Website's managers. These mechanisms include the use of robots (bots), spiders, scripts or any other automated form of accessing the website that in some way serve to interfere in its finalities and purposes. The usage of said resources without prior authorization constitutes a violation of the present terms of use and subjects the infringing party to payment of emergent damage and lost profits, as well as a fine that will be applied even if no damage has been caused, to be arbitrated by the judge responsible for judging the case.

The Melshoes.com.br website is making said information, data and materials available in an effort to meet the needs of website visitors and for their convenience. Grendene S/A will update content on a regular basis, but does not guarantee uninterrupted availability or continuity of the Web Portal, nor its compatibility with the Internet user's technology. Grendene S/A will not be liable for damages or losses of any kind that may result from a lack of availability and/or continuity of the website. The Melshoes.com.br website does not ensure the accuracy, punctuality, integrity, negotiability, perfection or adequacy to any specific purpose of said information, nor does it accept any charges, obligations or responsibility for its use. Due to the possibility of human or mechanical error, as well as other factors, the Melshoes.com.br website will not be liable for any errors or omissions, given that all information is provided "as is" without any guarantee whatsoever. No information or opinion expressed herein constitutes a request or proposal for purchase or sale.

Neither the Melshoes.com.br website, its executives, members, employees, legal counsel or consultants will be held responsible before any person, for any kind of loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from any error, omission or alteration of information supplied herein, nor for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or interruptions caused as a result of these events, during the supply of any information through the pages of this website, nor by computer virus or any damage resulting from unauthorized access or any other improper use of the system through which information about the Melshoes.com.br website is transmitted, or by any interruption in service.